My name is Evgeniy and I'm the founder of Baystash.com, a platform created to ease the process of selling, buying, and trading garage sale items.

I have long moderated MA High-End Yard Sale ITEMS OVER $200 and Needham Yard Sale Facebook group communities with similar themes.  It started as an online garage sale for Needham residents. Gradually, however, people from other Massachusetts cities - Newton, Chesnut Hill, Brockton, Milford, Wellesley, Boston... began to join us.

Now there are more than 80,000 of us!  Everyone was attracted to our trusting principle of garage sales "for their own" - after all, every member of the community has at least a few friends in the group. As our communities grew in popularity, so did the number of listings in the groups - there could be as many as 300 new offers a day.

Sellers were frustrated that their listings were going down too quickly and no one would see them.  And it was hard for customers to find the desired item right away. All this required careful moderation and a lot of time on my part. My laptop and phone were open on my Facebook tab 24/7!

Yet, a thought announced itself "Evgeniy, you're a developer, come up with something!"

My Idea:

My company develops webs and mobile apps. For example, we recently helped launch Petatet.org, a social network, and app that helps find homes for homeless dogs, and now my own family is looking forward to a pet of our own.

Creating a garage sale platform didn't seem like a daunting task, but there were many factors to consider while developing it.

Once, my family tried to buy a dining room table on Facebook and complained that we spent days browsing everything from consoles to yachts (you know how weird the FaceBook feed is, right?) when we finally found a table - it was already booked. "Such a waste of time for a hectic family of four,โ€ my wife remarked grudgingly.

It became a priority that the platform would have not only have a ribbon for ads but also different categories of goods - That way everyone can quickly and easily find what they need. There you can bargain for prices, create Wish Lists, and get notifications when the price of your favorite item changes, and much, much more!

I paid special attention to the video hosting for Baystash. You can post videos of items or request online previews of things from sellers. You don't have to go to Zoom or WhatsApp and give your contacts to a stranger. Everything can be done right there on the Baystash website!

 People like to buy from friends and acquaintances. And it was important to me to preserve on the platform the spirit of trust that is present in our communities. So the deals on the site can only be done by those who have confirmed their FaceBook-account and contact information (USA, Massachusetts).

Most importantly, the platform has implemented functionality whereby any payments between buyer and seller are held until both parties confirm that they are satisfied with the transaction. That gives a guarantee that no matter how many baystash.com users there are, there are still   honest relationship between them.

Of course, if something goes wrong, you can always open a report and ask me for help. But believe me - I've done everything to make sure that doesn't happen, and I have more time for family and walks with my dog :)

Yours, Admin
Evgeniy Goncharov