Here’s how it works

Uploading an item step by step
Here’s how to upload an item on Baystash:

1. Add 1-10 sharp photos
2. Add a title and describe your item in detail
3. Insert a competitive price
4. Mark whether you’d be interested in swapping this item
Complete these 4 steps and you’re done - upload a new item right now and let others discover it!

What pictures of well-known brand items should I take?
Selling inauthentic items is forbidden on Baystash. For this reason, when you upload an item by a well-known brand, please make sure to showcase its authenticity as clearly as possible.

By creating a visually appealing and thorough listing, you’ll also help other members decide on buying your item faster.

Taking proper photos of your items

Please make sure to follow these guidelines when you take pictures of your items:

Take your pictures in good lighting.
Start with a picture of your entire item and post it as your main listing photo.
Show how your item looks from the back in the following picture.
Snap at least 3 close-up shots of certain details of your item to showcase its authenticity. Please read on to learn what those details should be depending on the type of your item.
The extra elements to show on your listings

Below you’ll find what details may help to showcase the authenticity of your item. Please post at least 3 pictures of different details to each of your listings.

For listings of clothing, lingerie and swimsuits, please upload at least 3 pictures of the following elements:

Logo patch or logo embroidery
Label on the neckline/waistline
Stitching lines
Care tag
Purchase receipt, price tag
Zippers, buttons or other similar details
For listings of footwear, please upload at least 3 pictures of the following elements:

Insole, outsole
Stitching lines
Sizing label (shoe tongue for sneakers)
Shoebox, dust bag
Purchase receipt, price tag
For listings of handbags, wallets and backpacks, please upload at least 3 pictures of the following elements:

Logo on the outer part of the item
Stitching lines
Box, dust bag
Serial number (applies to items by luxury brands)
Heat stamped logo or logo engravings on zipperheads and fasteners, the inner side of the item, buttons, rivets and similar details
Purchase receipt, price tag
Inner label
For listings of jewellery, belts and scarves, please upload at least 3 pictures of the following elements:

Stitching lines
Serial number (applies to items by luxury brands)
Buckle - if it’s a belt
Purchase receipt, box, price tag
For listings of cosmetics, please upload at least 3 pictures of the following elements:

Entire packaging
Batch number
Close-up view of various details of the item - such as colour plates, text written on the outer and inner package of the product
Purchase receipt
Only brand-new cosmetics can be sold on Baystash. Makeup palettes can be opened to show its colours, but the palettes cannot be used even once.

It’s forbidden to sell inauthentic items on Baystash and you are responsible for uploading only genuine ones. Also, we may hide or delete your listing if it is brought to our attention and your pictures do not showcase your item properly. We may also suspend or block your account if you repeatedly refuse to show proper pictures on your listing.